Instructions For Shipped Orders
Thank you for shopping with us! Below are the instructions for how to thaw and drink your juices that were shipped frozen.
Packaging: Juice orders for shipments are frozen and packaged in insulated boxes with ice packs to keep them at a safe temperature. By the time your package gets to your door, the juices should still either be partially or completely frozen. o Step 1: Upon receiving your delivered package, you should place your juices in a freezer immediately until you are ready to drink it!
  • o Step 2: Take out the desired juice bottle from the freezer to the refrigerator the night before you want to drink it to let it thaw out.
Thawing: Thawing can take between 4-24 hours depending on the specific juice flavor so, be sure to give yourself time. Note: you must let it thaw out completely in the fridge before drinking.
o Do the shake test by shaking the bottle for at least 40 seconds to make sure that all the juice is now in liquid form with no ice and smooth in texture before drinking. Shake all juices well before drinking for taste!
o Once a juice bottle is completely thawed, you should drink it within 48 hours.
Why do the juices come frozen?
We freeze all juices that are shipped out through FedEx to maintain their shelf life without destroying its nutrients and flavors. The natural shelf life of fresh juice is 3-7 days when it is refrigerated. However, when it is frozen (and kept in a freezer) the shelf life extends to 3 months. For taste, we recommend that you still consume the juices within a reasonable period even when it is being kept frozen.
Can I refreeze a juice that has already thawed? We do not recommend re-freezing a juice that has already thawed. Once a juice is completely thawed, you should drink it within 48 hours. Thus, it is better to thaw a day worth of juice that you plan to drink at a time versus all at once.
What if my juice is completely thawed upon receiving it via delivery? If your juices are fully thawed with no ice in it on the day you receive it, please contact us right away for assistance at the number or email below.
If you have any questions about your package, please reach us at 617-935-0010 or at natureljuicing@gmail.com