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Ingredients: Cantaloupe, Kale, Chayote squash, Apple, Cucumber

Health Benefits: This cold-pressed juice is the perfect sweet green juice. It's light, refreshing and very hydrating as a result of the high water content levels of cucumbers and apples. One of the most amazing vegetable in this juice is Kale. Kale is one of Earth's super green due to its higher than normal levels of vital nutrients and minerals that are good for detox, cleaning out your digestive track, curbing your hunger, reducing inflammation in the body, regulating blood sugar levels, preventing calcification of the arteries, promoting healthy blood clothing and more. Kale has : 208% of DRV Vitamin A, 134% Vitamin C, 684% Vitamin K, Manganese 26%, calcium 9%, copper 10%, potassium 9%, and magnesium 6%

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